Construction debris removal

Construction debris removal

Construction Site Clean Up and Why You Should Consider the Easy Chute

If you live near an area that is quickly developing, then you know for sure what it feels like to walk or drive past a construction site. You know it better if you are a developer or an engineer overseeing the project. One thing is always certain; the site is always a mess. This can be a bother to onlookers, constructors and of course, the project manager. But over and beyond being just a bother, it can also mean that everyone’s safety around the construction site is not guaranteed.

That is exactly where the Easy Chute lightweight construction debris removal chute, comes into the picture. It makes construction site cleanup easy, safe and quick. The end result? A neat construction site.


Like I hinted above, safety should always be paramount in any construction site. It is not always about wearing protective clothing and ensuring you have the right tools.  Think about it this way. Debris always builds up while construction is underway. It gets to a point sometimes when everyone is too busy to notice the debris building up. Nails and sharp objects can in the process be hidden in the debris, and contractors being contractors, one can easily step on the debris. One thing can lead to another and before long, someone can easily get injured.

On multi-level clean outs traditional construction trash chutes are heavy, bulky and require extensive rigging to safely secure on the jobsite. Traditional construction trash chutes weight up to 30lbs just for a 4 to 5-foot section. In addition, traditional construction trash chute intake hoppers can weigh over 50lbs and require even more extensive rigging.

The Easy Chute Way

Made of durable lightweight polypropylene material, it weighs just 3 pounds for every 10-foot section. It is also extremely lightweight for convenience.  Each section of the chute has a multi-section design that complete with heavy duty nylon strap loops. That means easy cleaning for you from the street all the way to the top most roof.  Keep in mind that setting up easy chute is extremely fast. The whole process takes minutes for a single or two story job, or less than 30 minutes for multi-level construction cleanouts. Easy Chute is designed to allow you setup your ‘Hopper” with the flexibility to fit with any project. We use a diameter that allows you to use a standard contractor waste barrel, or any other solution to fit your unique job site.

The solution Easy Chute offers is safer and easy.


Running a construction project is expensive! So expensive that some contractors often leave their construction projects midway and are forced to abandon. In the construction industry every dollar can make or break your profit. The thought of having anything that can help you reduce costs is therefore always welcome. Easy Chute does just that. It helps one save money that would have otherwise been used to hire other contractors just to clean up the mess at a construction site. Instead of having to hire more staff, or to tie up your existing crew, you will save your time and budget.

Traditional construction waste disposal chutes could cost you anywhere from $150 to $250 per 4 or 5-foot section. Even at a discount cost of $200 per 5ft section, it would cost over $400 per 10-foot section!  Plus, the additional cost of construction trash cute intake hoppers!

Easy Chute offers a 10-foot flexible construction chute, for at least 1/4th the cost of even the cheapest traditional construction chutes! You will have more room in your budget and less operations cost with Easy Chute.


No big client can take you seriously if you have the common, day to day construction tools for the project. It always boils down to competence, a factor which is always proved at first sight by the kind of building equipment one has. So invest in a cleanup device that has already made a name in the market such as Easy Chute. It will not only set you up and above the rest. It will help you show your client that you will finish his or her project on time and conduct a quick and easy remodeling cleanup process. Then note that it is not just about building but demolition as well. Easy Chute works either way and goes a long way to assist one get rid of construction waste and debris within the shortest time possible and in the safest way one can think of.

Stop hassling with your construction trash removal, and do it the Easy Chute way.

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