How to Install the Easy Chute

A Simple Example of how to Install the Easy Chute Construction Chute in a Residential Setting.

Easy Chute is a new revolutionary versatile Construction and Roofing trash chute.

The Easy Chute is Simple To Install, Simply Secure the Woven Loops At The Top Of The Chute. Each chute weighs less than 3lbs and with its poly-woven material this construction chute is not only lightweight but durable as well.

Easy Chute can be used for rooftop debris projects but due to its versatility can also be used for standard and residential clean outs, and in unique industrial and manufacturing environments.

Dynamic straps affixed to the chutes allow each chute to interlock making this product adjustable for just about any multi-storied project and can be shortened to adjust to smaller projects also.

Securing the chutes can be done seamlessly and safely to construction sites by securing the top loops in a window and is commonly secured using 2×4 wooden planks with eye-bolts then using ropes or chains can be positioned outside the window for use.

(Always ensure that proper safety procedures have been met and always make sure chutes are safely and securely attached before use)

In order to interconnect chute sections, connect four loops and use four brackets to attach to heavy duty carabiner clips, or Snap Clips, and for shorter lengths heavy duty zip ties may be used. Due to shipping restraints (clips not included), However They Can Be Purchased At Any Local Hardware Store

Once the chute has been set up a standard commercial 22-inch, 32 gallon with a cut off bottom can be placed inside the top opening of the chute to create an opening. (Garbage can is not included)

Now that the chute has been set up it is now ready for debris to be tossed straight down in the chute into adjacent dumpster bin.

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