Demolition Chutes — Avoiding Construction Problems

Demolition Chutes — Avoiding Construction Problems

Many accidents that happened in construction sites could have been avoided — if only those who run the construction projects were responsible enough to keep their waste manageable and properly disposed of. If you don’t want to be the next person to cause injury or death to someone, you should come up with ways to lessen the risk. One of them is by installing construction debris chutes.

More Benefits

With every single construction trash chute that you install, you will discover that it helps in avoiding other problems associated with this type of business.

  • Huge legal and financial liabilities – The justice system is fair. Those who don’t take measures to ensure safe and secure working conditions will receive costly penalties.
  • Bad business record – It isn’t easy to build a good name in this highly competitive business. Check out the policies and regulations of the OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems). Do a quick review of the ISO 14000 standards. Failure to meet standards can only result to a bad record and can cause your business to be blacklisted.
  • Unsafe work environment – In the conduct of your business, put the highest value on human life. With improperly managed waste, noise and dust can accumulate and put risk to one’s health.
  • The need to employ more people – Hiring more people and additional expense will be inevitable. With every single piece of waste adding up to what is already there, labor time and expense are increased. Having demolition chutes to catch your waste can easily eliminate this problem. Think about the ducts through which waste will be made to pass. Cleaning the ducts afterward can also put a dent on the budget.

How to Choose a Construction Debris Chute?

Is this your first time using chutes for your project? If yes, there are certain things to check so that you pick only the best product.

  • Chutes can be torn when high volumes of waste are put in them. Sharp pointed objects can also cut them. For this reason, check the base material used in the manufacturing. Choose the one that uses high-grade plastic material.
  • The chute should be lightweight for ease of movement and erection. Chutes may fall while assembled and installed. If the material is lightweight, the possibility of the chutes causing injuries on workers will be less. Also, dismantling a lightweight chute is easy.
  • There’s also the consideration of UV impact on human life. The impact shouldn’t go beyond 12 years.
  • Installation and operation cost should be low. Easy Chute demolition chute can be assembled and installed in less than 5 minutes. 
  • After using the chutes, they will be temporarily kept in some storage area. Your chutes should not occupy too much storage space.
  • There are chutes that can’t be used in certain conditions. Make sure that yours are flexible. The best construction trash chutes are those that can be erected on scaffoldings and RCC structures. If a chute can be erected at the outer periphery of a construction building, it is a good product.

When shopping around for chutes, think of two things: safety and convenience of use. These two can lead you to picking the perfect product for you.

When you consider a construction debris chute, it is our hope that you will see how our Easy Chute demolition chute can help your company today!