The Easy Chute Construction Demolition Chute weighing only 3 lbs per 10ft Section
Easy Chute Construction Dumpster Chute on a Home Remodeling ProjectEasyChute remodeling chute removing plaster on the construction site.

Easy Chute 10ft Section

1 – Easy Chute 10ft Interconnecting Section
Designed to fit inside a standard 32 gallon trash barrel

Product Description


Questions about installation or durability?
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Easily Secured via standard eye bolts, to fit your unique projects requirements, and using standard 5/16 in. Spring Link / Quick Connect, available at any hardware store.
The Easy Chute is Simple and Easy To Install
It versatile design allows it to fit to your project needs!

Click on Picture to see an Example of a Common Window Installation of the Easy Chute

About The Easy Chute Construction Demo Trash Chute

The original Easy Chute Construction Debris Chute. Easy Chute is a durable but flexible lightweight construction demo chute. The Revolutionary New Easy Chute is designed to make your next construction demo project easy.


While most professional contractors, construction workers, and tradesmen will tell you that demolition is their favorite – or one of their favorite – parts of the job, nobody likes cleaning up after demo day.The process is messy, takes forever, and creates a generally unsafe work environment until everything has been picked up and disposed of the right way. General contractors and owners of construction companies also despise demolition day and clean up, if only because their highly skilled workers are getting paid top dollar to do “grunt work”.

But that’s where the Easy Chute construction trash chute comes into action to make it Easy!

Designed specifically for extreme use and leveraging only the highest grade yet lightweight construction materials available, the Easy Chute is the best demolition chute on the market right now.

Durable enough to handle pretty much anything and everything over there including the kitchen sink) that needs to be quickly removed during demolition, a handful of Easy Chute 10 foot sections strung together will allow you to really expedite cleanup and demolition debris removal while creating a much safer environment to work in as well.

Inexpensive compared to the other construction demolition chute options available on the market right now, you’ll be able to effortlessly combine these 10 foot sections into a networked construction waste chute system that provides you and your employees with numerous benefits, such as…


  • A durable platform from which to dispose of construction waste
  • Modular construction demo chutes that can be reconfigured on-the-fly to improve your waste removal efficiency
  • A demolition chute that dramatically improves your workplace safety
  • Lightweight and easy to store until your next project

Order Easy Chute Today And Make Your Next Construction Clean Project Easy!

  1. How Do you attach the Sections
    1. You can attach the Easy Chute with Standard Quick Connects, or Carabiners. 
  2. What is the thing in the pictures holding the chute open?
    1. The Easy Chute is designed to use a standard commercial trash can (with the bottom cut off) to keep the chute open, and allow you to make an easy and affordable hopper.
      1. What size trash barrel? Any standard round commercial trash barrel (Standard 32 Gallon) is designed to fit inside the Easy Chute.
  3. How easy is it to Install the Easy Chute?
    1. The Easy C