We just made construction debris removal easy!

The Easy Chute construction debris removal system!

Until now, contractors had two choices: pay their valuable employees to remove their construction debris, one stair and bag at a time, or use traditional construction chutes.

Both options added thousands of dollars to overhead in labor and reduced the amount of man hours for each project. In addition to cost and labor, any contractor can attest that homeowners and businesses dislike bulky scaffolding and chute set ups in their neighborhoods, as they present an eye sore and a safety hazard during working and non-working hours. Lastly, the additional cost represented by using a traditional construction chute can make the difference between winning and losing a bid, or even having a profitable project.

With Easy Chute, the part of your project that would typically take hours, can now be done in just minutes…

The Easy Chute is a lightweight, construction debris chute made from a thick, woven coated, polypropylene material, weighing only 3 pounds per 10 foot section.

Each section features a multi-connection design through the use of high strength nylon strap loops, allowing you to work fast and efficiently, on any job, from the first floor to the roof!

It takes only minutes to set up and break down!

Order Easy Chute Today and stop wasting your project budget on construction trash chute rental, and having to store large traditional demolition chutes.